Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approval Fast

25 Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast awesome

Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast

Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast By Googe AdSense.The intention of every blogger is to make money with their blog, mostly through Google Adsense. There are best Adsense niches that advertisers are willing to pay as high as $50 per lead or because the niche has high competition.

The higher the competition, the higher the increase in the cost of advertising.  These will result in more money to the publisher – the person that owns a blog that the advert will be placed on

So if you choose those niches that have many advertisers competing for it, Adsense will approve your application fast.

Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast

If You have not created a blog, or you want to, I will advise you to start a blog immediately and start making money from it in a short time after lunch.

Read this detailed post that I wrote on “How to Start Blog in 2020 And Make Money From It“, it will guide you through the process of starting a blog.

Adsense will be placed on your website according to the niche of the content you have there.

Since your intention as a blogger is to make money with your site, then it is best to focus your blogging on high paying niches, in other to increase your Adsense revenue.

There are lots of ways to make money with your blog. But Google Adsense stands out to be one of the good ways to make money with your blog. If you target that keyword with high CPC, your Adsense revenue will significantly increase.

Today in this post, I will be focusing on the highest CPC keywords to increase our profit. In each of the keywords, I will use SEMRush and free SEO Keyword tools to give you an overview of each in other for you to understand it better.

Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast With Their Cost Per Click (CPC)

Highest CPC Keywords To Maximize Your Blogging Niche On

1. Insurance $58.05 CPC

best adsense niche and highest cpc keywords

If You look at the picture above, you will know that the niche is highly profitable. The monthly search volume for the keyword is 301,000. That is the number of people that search for insurance in a month.

The average cost per click and advertiser will pay Google to seen as an advert is %58.05. So the higher the CPC, the valuable and profitable the keyword is.

The Average Cost Per Click of the most keyword in this niche is ranging from $76.40 to $113.30 see image below

Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast

A single lead can generate a few thousand dollars for an insurance company so they don’t mind paying $100 – $200 for a single click.

Other high CPC keywords in the “Insurance Niche”

  • Car Insurance quote $113.30 CPC
  • Insurance quotes $76.40 CPC
  • Home Insurance $59.65 CPC
  • Insurance 24 $64.27CPC
  • Insurance quote online $76.90 CPC

2. Mortgages $15.05 CPC

best adsense niche and highest cpc keywords - mortgages

I know what you are thinking right now.

You look at that figure $15.05 and you are wondering that why did I include it among the highest CPC keywords.

Mortgages are properties bought with a large sum of money. Banks will take it upon themselves to give you the amount of money you need to acquire a property, knowing that they will never lose.

Buying mortgages are not as cheap as it sounds, is not easy to safe to buy it, that’s why banks are always there to help. One purchase from a buyer will yield big profits to the bank.

Banks run adverts online selling, looking for prospective buyers. CPC for this niche is highly rewarding.

Other high CPC keywords in the “Mortgages Niche”

  • Mortgages Reverse $45.07 CPC
  • Mortgages Virginia $56.40 CPC
  • Reverse Mortgages Information $41.83 CPC
  • Va mortgages loan $63.96 CPC

So as you can see, “mortgages” are still a high paying niche. There are low and high paying niches, but you just need to do your keyword research to find those high paying niches.

I did long-tail keyword research to get those high CPC keywords in the mortgages niches, and there are still more. You just have to do yours.

Follow this link to search for profitable high CPC long-tail Adsense-keywords.

3. Online Colleges $84.02 CPC

best adsense niche and highest cpc keywords - online college

The “Online College” is one of the best Adsense niches, with so many competitors competing to rank Google first page for that keyword.

With the way the world is developing rapidly now and technology taking over the world, you don’t necessarily need to go to the normal school to obtain a degree.

You can stay at home to attend courses through your laptop and collect your certificate.

Lots of online universities are been founded these days, so these make it highly competitive. Competitors are willing to pay as high as $85 per click, which puts it among the highest CPC keywords.

Other high CPC keywords in the “Online College Niche”

  • Online College Schools $97.55 CPC
  • Online Academy in Georgia $97.90 CPC
  • Florida Online College $97.20 CPC
  • Online School Ohio $104.83 CPC

There are still more,

best adsense niche and highest cpc keywords - online college

just do your long-tail Adsense keyword research.

Other Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast with high CPC keywords

4. Personal Finance – High CPC keywords

5. Blogging Tips

6. Health and Finance – High CPC keywords

7. Marketing and Advertising – High CPC keywords

8. Information Marketing

9. Forex Exchange Trading (Forex) – High CPC keywords

10. Make Money Online

11. Technology

12. Search Engine Optimization – High CPC keywords

13. Travel and Accommodation

14. Entertainments

15. Domain Name and Registration

16. Business Plan

17. Web Design

18. Smartphone Review

19. DIY Blog

20. Law Firms and Attorneys

21. Cryptography

22. Home and Garden Care

23. Information Technology (IT)

24. Farming

25. Flights

These are not all the Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast with the highest CPC keywords. But I don’t want to bore you with the long list, so I have to stop there.

You can do your own long-tail keyword research to get the highest CPC keywords from high paying niches.

How to find high paying niches with the highest CPC keywords.

How pleasant it is to know the cost per click of every keyword you want to make money from and knowing the search volume, SEO difficulty to see if you can rank for that keywords before even writing it.

With SEMRush, you can spy into your competitor’s website and see which keyword they are ranking for and see the cost per click, to know which keyword brings them the most revenue.

Let’s check on a competitors keyword and see their high CPC keywords

Step #1 – Use SEMRush – Free version just for this example, so we will not see all the competitor’s high CPC keywords. So it is advisable to upgrade to the pro version to have full access to it.

  • Find an authority site in your niche, type that site on the search bar in SEMRush (the site in use in this example is quicksprout.com, just for explanatory sake).
  • Scroll down to “Top Organic Keywords” and click on “See Full Report”
best adsense niche and high cpc keywords quicksprot
  • On that report, look for CPC
best adsense niche with high cpc keywords quicksprot report
  • Yes! you have a list of potential keywords that you can now use.
  • So now repeat the steps with other sites that you admire.

Bravo, you just learn how to do some keyword research, do this to 3 or more sites in your niche to have a good set of keywords that you can target.

Build quality content around those high CPC keywords that have the potential to rank on Google 1st page.

This video by ShoutMeLoud explains how to create AdSense Ad Units & Make Money For Beginners

How to find long-tail high paying niches with high CPC keywords

To be sincere with you, I will tell you that most of the high paying niche and high CPC keywords are usually long-tail keywords. A seed keyword like “mortgages” has low CPC and high ranking difficulty. (As seen in the above example)

But as we dig through, we find a long-tail keyword with high CPC and low ranking difficulty. So how do we find this long-tail keyword?

While writing this post, I came across a very detailed post on “Fastest Way To Find Long Tail High Paying Adsense CPC Keywords“, I did recommend you check it out, it is very helpful.

Long Tail keywords are easy to rank on google first page.

Why Is Keyword Important Today In Niche Blogging?

Doing keyword research is important if you want any space from 1 – 10 in Google SERP. The right keywords are needed to create an in-depth, quality and SEO content, that is well structured.

The keywords to your content are responsible for the advertisements that will be placed on your site. Adsense is a contextual marketing company that shows the advertisements posted by its advertisers through AdWords.

Advertisers bid at the particular long-tail or short-tail keywords for his or her campaign, the Google Adsense search for all the advertisers’ keyword on your site. The more they find a related keyword of the advertiser, the more chances your site has to display the ads from that advertiser.

So, the best way to make the most out of your Adsense ads is with the aid of focused on the proper keywords.

In this way, the most practical approach to make the most of AdSense is by focusing on the best possible keyword.

One More Word

Writing great contextual content that has a high CPC keyword that the search volume is great. But! the but is, it won’t amount to much, maybe little if you aren’t capable of getting traffic to your site. People that will see the content, see the ads, and then click.

This means that you need traffic.

Learning how to increase your blog traffic is an essential tool that helps you scale the performance of your blog. It also helps in:

  • Improving your search engine optimization and credibility
  • Giving you more knowledge about your audience and making strategic decisions.
  • Giving you insight on you your marketing strategies, and how well they work.
  • Generating more leads, increasing conversion, and getting more customers, and increasing sales.
Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast

In Conclusion

YES! I hope you enjoy this post-Best Adsense Niches That Will Get Approved Fast and find it useful, mostly the lists of the highest CPC keywords and the strategy to find the long-tail keyword and best Adsense niches that will get approved fast.

If you want to make money with your blog through Google Adsense, you should do keyword research in other to get those keywords with high CPC, in other to get the biggest payout from Adsense.

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