6 Steps You Must Take To Become A Successful Blogger

how to become a successful blogger

Over the years and still now, the no 1 questions that new bloggers ask is, “How to become a successful blogger?” Okay, so now, you’re going to find the answer right here on this post. Before you can become a successful blogger, I will like to tell you some bitter truths, but don’t be scared, these truths will help you. It will serve as a guide for you on your journey to blogging. Assuming I knew all this truth when I first started out as a blogger, I should have passed this present level where I am now. Please permit me to share with you my blogging journey.

My Journey As A Blogger.

The journey goes this way, I love browsing a lot, I can press my phone from morning till night, yes it was an addict, I was addicted to my phone, I started creating wapka site in the year 2012, I created lots of wapka sites, and I announced it on all my social media, I did that for 2 years without having the intention of making money I was just sharing what’s new, and I was doing it for fun. Let me not take much of your time. So to cut the long story short, I found myself on blogger.com, when someone put in that mindset of making money with what I love doing, so I went to blogger.com to create my first blog hoping that I will make money from it because that’s what people told me. 

You see, sometimes what we hear or listen too might be true, but at the same time, it might be misleading if you don’t know the whole truth of the process. That’s how I went from creating one blog to another. If I create one blog and that blog does not make me money in a quick period of time, I will leave and jump to another, till I created up to 10 blogs without anyone giving me money. There is much to say, but I will be sharing them in my next post or in my book. There is much more to learn from my blogging journey. So please stay stick to this post.

How To Become A Successful Blogger

Before you can become a successful blogger, you must know those truths about blogging listed in this post. You need to blog with passion. 

1. Passion is all you need first.

So now, how can we describe passion?

Passion can be said as something you have a love for or something you love doing wholeheartedly. Let say, for instance, you love singing, you can’t live a day without singing, that’s your passion, it has now become part of you. As a blogger, you must blog around your passion. That is your niche must be around your passion. Your niche must be something you are comfortable with. 
Note; Please do not have more than one niche, as it will make managing too hard for you. Just choose one niche that you are passionate about, one that you can write about anytime any day. If you choose more that one niche, sooner or later, you will lack content. In the next post, I will be discussing “How to choose the right niche, as a blogger.”

   2. Don’t blog for money first.

When you start blogging, please don’t think about making money first, because if you do, you will fail just like I failed many times. instead, think of how you can give value through your blog. As a new blogger, there will be a time, when you will not even make 1 cent from your new blog, but don’t worry about that, as long as you are giving quality and valuable content in your blog, the money will come. Later, I will be discussing “How to make money with your blog.”

   3. Publish Quality and Valuable Content.

Publishing quality and valuable content on your blog is part of what you need to do to make your readers stay on your blog, and will make them want to come back again and even recommend your blog to a friend. Readers love quality content, Google loves quality content too. So take your time too to create good content, as they say, “content is king.”

    4. You won’t have much traffic on your site at first.

After finish creating your new blog, you won’t immediately start having traffic or audience to your site. But the more you keep posting fresh, quality and valuable content, your readers will start increasing. 

    5. Promote your blog.

Promoting your blog is very, very necessary. The more you promote your blog, the more your blog get noticed. The more your blog get noticed, the more your traffic keeps increasing. There are many ways to promote your blog. You can promote your blogs on facebook groups, twitter, and forums. If you need to get more traffics to your blog, just click on this link ==> How can I promote my New blog And Get Traffics, and read through it. It will really be of help to you.

Please, when posting on the facebook group, please be careful not to spam the group, if you’re not careful, the admin will band you, and you can be reported to Facebook as well.

When posting on forums, please say something reasonable. Make sure you add your blog link, or a post link in your blog to your signature so that people will easily see the link of your blog, or the link of your post and click on it. Please don’t spam the forum site as well, be careful.

   6. Patient

It’s not how far, but how well you can go. Apart from passion, the Patient has an important role to play, you need to exercise some patience. The patient is what makes you keep blogging, no matter the challenge, you just patiently keep blogging, knowing that one day you will make it with your blog. Just do the needful and wait.

These are all what you most know on “How to become a successful Blogger. When you know all this, you will be 100% successful in your blogging career. Blogging will be easy and you will make money with your blog.

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