Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website, seo, supersuccesstips, super success tips

15 Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website

Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website, supersuccesstips, super success tips

Here are the 15 Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website. We know Traffic is the No.1 Key for your website. Repeat visitors are one of the best ways if you want to take your business online to the highest level and be successful

Trying as you can to get visitors to your website every day is not the best thing you should do.

You have to make sure that those visitors are coming back to your website by giving them some good reasons.

Repeat visitors know what they want and where to get them. They love your website and its content, repeat visitors share the content of your site, because they love them.

Repeat visitors are gold in your online success.

In this post, I’m going to show you the 15 best ways to get those repeat visitors to Your Website.

It the best way you’ve ever known of.
All of these strategies are GREATLY WORKING WELL right now

And here are the 15 Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website and Increase Your Traffic:

1. Post Regularly

Best Ways

No visitor will come back to a static website. For example, I visited your website today, and I read some of your posts which I find interesting.

I came back the next day, after going through your website, I found out that I have finished reading all your post, or I keep on seeing a repeated post, nothing new, no latest or recent post.

Automatically I will leave because there’s nothing new for me there.

This is how it is for everyone. So if you want to keep visitors coming back, you have to update your website regularly.

People love something fresh infant, Google Search Engine loves fresh content also.

So regularly will inform Google Search Engine that you have fresh content on your site.

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People will always love your site if you always provide them with something new. So keep your blog up to date if you want repeat visitors on your website. They are the key to your success.

So the question now is “how often should I post on my website?”

Neil Patel one of the world influencer bloggers gave an answer to this question in one of his posts. He said that it’s advisable to publish an article on your blog 2 times a week. That is how he grows his traffic from 46,134 to 102,658 see the image below.

Get Repeat Visitors, super success tips

Since you are posting twice a week, you will have more time to make research on the article you want to write about, so that you can have enough quality content, that will bring back repeat visitors.

2. Provide Value

Repeat Visitors, super success tips

If your website is not of value, then what is it? If there is anything you should want your website to be, it should be “Valuable”.

Your website may be wow, interesting, engaging and so on, it might even be well optimized.

But if “value” is not your watchword, then all your efforts in trying to generate traffic might be lost.

Your website been interesting, funny, engaging and so on has nothing to do if it’s not to add value. Your website traffic will only increase if you provide value to your audience, that is when you will have repeat visitors.

The main purpose of this article is to teach you how you can get repeat visitors and increase your traffic, so read on.

3. Write Post that Spike up a discussion on Your Blog

Repeat Visitors, supersuccesstips

Blogging is not just about writing your personal stories or something that caught across your mind. In a competitive market where everyone is trying to have a voice, you need to stand out from the crowd and have a clear voice.

Create content that is exceptional, content that gets people talking, thinking, engaging, content that gets people coming back, content that makes them want to share.

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4. Don’t Sell to your Visitors

Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors

The 15 best way to drive repeat visitors to your website is never to sell to them. Nobody loves being sold to, sales will happen naturally when people start seeing you as an expert.

The more you keep helping people add value to their life and solve their problem, they will buy from you, whatever you sell or recommend to them.

Selling shouldn’t be your No.1 priority, but rather, whenever you make a post, sit down first and read the post, then ask your self this question “Did I learn anything from this post and is it worth your time?

If you can answer this question genuinely, then you are on the right track to generating more traffic to your website.

5. Let Your Website Be Users Friendly

Visitors To Your Website, supersuccesstips,

If a visitor visits your site for the first time and has very good users experience, they are likely to come back again. 50% of people will forsake a site that takes over 4 seconds before it could load.

So make sure your site

  • Loads on time
  • Easy to read content
  • Don’t bombard visitors with too many ads.
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Offer a sitewide search to help visitors find the content that they want.
  • It is a mobile-friendly website.

When visitors visit your site for the first time and have a bad experience, they are unlikely not to return to that site again, this will reduce your traffic.

6. Optimize Your posts and pages for SEO

 seo,  super success tips

Another 15 best ways to get repeat visitors to your website is to optimize its posts and pages for google SEO.

SEO is the pipe that channels traffic to your website. If your page is not optimized for Google SEO, you are leaving behind a lot of traffic.

If you can optimize your post for google SEO, and begin to rank google first page on a particular keyword you choose for your content, you will drive new visitors to your website, and repeat visitors that are searching for similar content also.

Make sure that all your posts are well optimized for one or two keywords.

A basic step to these is to include your targeted keyword in your:

Title tags, meta descriptions, the first paragraph of your content, internal links, and URLs.

Check out this insightful article on “How to Optimize your content for Google SEO

7. Build An Email List

Best Ways
Image Credit: bitrebels.com

An email list is a tool that you must have to generate repeat visitors for your website.

It is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a site, you can’t just do with it if you want traffic, mostly repeat visitors.

An email list is an effective way to encourage repeat visitors to your website and build a strong loyal readership base.

Through emails, you can send your new blog posts, new product page, new resources that are helping, new ebook, course or whatever pages that need to be promoted.

An email list can be useful in any business you are running online, that is one of its greatest advantages.

But Wait!

Email marketing can also hurt your website, send away repeat visitors and thereafter reduce your traffic if not done in the correct way.

Hey, those audiences that willing gave you their emails did it out of love, they love your content, so never spam them with unsolicited emails.

If you continue to flood their email box with mails they no longer wish to receive, they are likely to unsubscribe from the list, so be careful.

Make Visitor Opt-in To Your List.

Displaying your form in prominent places where visitors will quickly notice them.

Some common good places to place your subscribers form include ‘top of a sidebar’, ‘directly below post content’, on a homepage, or even within post or page content when appropriate.

Use tools like Optinmonster to display pop up of your subscriber’s form. It can be annoying to some audience, but they are capable of amazing results.

If You followed the above tips, then be sure to keep your traffic growing and repeat visitors coming back to your website.

8. Give out Free But High-Quality freebies

Get Repeat Visitors
Image Credit-: Steemit

Another reason why visitors will want to come back to your website is because of the free resources, tools or course that they are getting from you.

You’ll also want to give your visitors something of high value for free in order to have them sign up to your list. You can offer a free report, e-book, video, interview, email series, or anything else that your target audience would value, this will increase your conversion rates.

9. Guest Post on a relevant niche website

Your Website,
Image source: Tlists.com

Guest Posting simply means writing an article on someone else’s website or blog. If you want to get your name out and connect with the new audience that will convert to repeat visitors, then guest posting is a great way to do that.

Jeff Goins of Goinswritter.com says in one of his posts – 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience that these days he is writing guest posts like a madman, lol you know why? because he used it to get over 10,000 loyal subscribers in 18 months.

There are three reasons why guest posting is such a key strategy for every blogger to build their online influence:

  • Guest posting builds relationships
  • It is great for search engines
  • Guest posting introduces you to new people

Source: https://goinswriter.com/guest-posting/

10. Establish Yourself As a Leader That Others Wants To Follow

Get Repeat Visitors
Image source: Physician Weekly

Hey, do you know you are on your way to becoming a leader in your field, this article entirely covers all that you need to be a leader that people will listen too in your field?

So once you are been see as a leader in your field, you will be a center of attention to your readers, they will value you and your content. One way to do this is to be an authority in your field.

Check this post by Charlie Sammonds – The Benefits Of Being A Thought Leader is highly recommended.

11. Give a helping Hands to Your Visitor


Hey, let me tell you one secret you don’t know about your audience, – “they are not coming to your site because they want to help you, they are coming because they want you to help them.”

So if you can offer them that help, they will always come back to you. Let it be your No.1 priority to offer help to your audience, either by your article, videos, ebooks, free resources, podcasts, anything. Let it be just to help them, and you will be surprised by the way your visitors will be coming back to you.

12. Let Your Brand Be Unique And Original

Your Website, seo, supersuccesstips, super success tips

While doing all these, build a brand that your audience can easily recognize and relate too. By doing so, visitors can easily know that they are on your site even if they stumbled upon it maybe through the search engine or a referral.

If you are easily been recognized, if you share a post anywhere on the internet, maybe a guest or you should share any content on the web, people will easily click on it and return back to your site because they already recognize it.

No matter what the goal of your content is, it should be presenting something unique and valuable to your readers.

Like any brand, you should develop loyalty and recognition and then rely on the value you present to keep bringing visitors back.

13. Bring Top Influencer to Website.

Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website, seo, supersuccesstips, super success tips
Exo B2B image

Interviewing those top names in your industry on your blog will make you look like one. It will create credibility, your audience will see you as an authority in your field. If you give honor to whom honor is due, you will create a kind of collaboration that will lead to positive community building.

Your audience will love to hear from other people, by doing this, it will make them come back to your site. And your site will be perceived as a hub of a highly educative platform.

Those influencer bloggers you interviewed on your blog will also share the post to their own audience which will lead to more traffic.

14. Be Social

Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website, seo, supersuccesstips, super success tips
Image Source: ChurchMag

Yes! The world is social, social media is taking over now, and everyone is on social media. People don’t just browse the web anymore, they want to build connection and engagement, they want to share and comment on what interests them.

So for this reason, building a website that will make your audience easily connect share and comment on your site is one of the 15 best ways to get more repeat visitors to your website.

To create a social presence on those social networks and begin connecting with your audience. Write regularly on your social media platform to keep your audience engaged, but make sure to always redirect them to your blog post to read in full the complete article.

15. Use Your Google Analytics To Analyze Website

Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website, seo, supersuccesstips, super success tips
Image credit: Reliablesoft.net

Use Google Analytics to get full data of your site, and see how your audience flow with your site. figure out who is reading your content, and how they engage with it.

Understanding your audience is very important. once you can be able to do so, you will be able to feed them with relevant content that they are looking for on your site. Only by providing value will you be able to bring repeat traffic back.


Thank you for reading this far. You’ve just learned the 15 Best Ways To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Website and Increase Your Traffic, now all this will not work if you don’t put them to use. So please put this to practice and see 100% result in your traffic.

If You have not started a site, you can start a blog now and begin implementing all these methods above, they work like magic.

On one last note, every success takes time, so you need to be patient.

If you find this post helpful please share it with your friends, it might also help them.

Please how do you feel about this post, is there any contribution you have to make? Please We will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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