[Approved] How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2020.

Approved How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2020

[Approved] this image is about How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Approved How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2020. The biggest challenge of every new blogger according to research is – how to increase your blog traffic.

Okay, you’ve just given birth to a new blog, it looks really cool and nice, you love it, you are very happy about your new blog, and then you sat down, feeling relaxed and waiting for those visitors to come to check on your newly created blog.

You’ve waited for some days, weeks or months. But the visitors are still not coming.

You have introduced your blog to your friends, your family members and some other few people have seen it. At least seeing those page views by your friends and family members a few days after starting your blog is encouraging. But after that, the problem gets frustrating.


But you are not left alone with those feelings. According to the research, over 6.7% of 4.4Million newly created blog has less than 100 visitors per day!

I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to let you know. Those statistics are meant to change in time to come, and it will get worse.

Making that connection within your article and your visitors is not easy, that is why these days, it is usually been said that spend 20% of your time creating an article, and 80% percent of your time to promote it.

That is just how hard it is to increase blog traffics. It is really hard these days. So what’s the solution?

Learn How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Starting your blog and lunching it befittingly, has not solved the whole problem. So you’ve created your blog, write astonishing content, smashing the publish button is what you do next, and you feel ‘yes’ that problem has been solved. Yes, it has been solved, but it’s just only one problem that is solved.

There is another problem that is yet to be solved, and that is “how to increase your blog traffic” this is another problem that needs to be solved.

Why Should You Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Why blog traffic? Have you ever thought of the importance of learning how to increase your blog traffic? Why is everybody talking about this traffic of a thing?

Let me answer this question with a question – after producing your product, why don’t you just get a space, as you will get a hosting space, and store all your products, and wait for customers to come and buy? why did you try as hard to promote that product?

The Ans – It is because you want your product to be seen by lots of people, in other to make many sales, and to know your customers. That is how important it is to learn how to increase your blog traffic, you want your blog to be noticed by lots of people and to make money from your blog.

My concern here is that you can create the best content in the world, but if you are not trying hard to increase your blog traffic, and turning it into a successful business, then your blog is of no sense. Click To Tweet

So you need to learn how to spread your content, draw readers to your blog, and above all, you need to do it better than your competitors in your industry.

More on: Why Should You Increase Your Blog Traffic

Learning how to increase your blog traffic is an essential tool that helps you scale the performance of your blog. It also helps in:

  • Improving your search engine optimization and credibility
  • Giving you more knowledge about your audience and making strategic decisions.
  • Giving you insight on you your marketing strategies, and how well they work.
  • Generating more leads, increasing conversion, and getting more customers, and increasing sales.

Change The Way You Think getting Traffic to Your Blog.

Firstly the way you think about getting traffics to your blog is wrong. Just like I said early, getting traffics to your blog is hard, so the traffic of your blog won’t change, except you put some hard work to get those traffic.

Many people dream about creating a new blog that goes viral immediately but is not so, is just like playing a gamble, is either you win or lose.

Increasing Your Blog Traffic Means Increasing Your Bank Account.

The essence of getting traffic to your blog is to increase the blog’s revenue.
If you are using Google AdSense, or any AdSense alternative, traffics helps your revenue increase immensely.


The more page views, the more the money comes in, but how do you get your audience to read more than one page when they visit your site? How do you make them keep clicking on more pages on your blog?

Here Are The Approved Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2020.

1. Write Well Researched Quality Content.

This image is about how how to Increase Your Blog Traffic. 1, write quality and indepth content

The first bell that should ring in your head when trying to drive traffic to your blog is ‘Quality and Valuable Content‘. How quality is your content? How in-depth are they? Are they solving the problems or your customers? is it SEO optimized? Is it what the people are in need of?

All these questions should be the foundation that your content should be built on. Once you create your content on this foundation, Google will love it and show it up to as many that need it.

The first factor for creating Content for traffic is your headlines.

  1. Write a Compelling Headline

Headlines are the first phrase of your article that people will see. So writing your headline in a way that even without seeing the complete post, only the headline will force a click.

Users might boo at your article if it doesn’t interest them. But great compelling headlines stand out in the crowd and get more attention.

Again, there are sure foundation to build your headline on, which will make it stand out and get more clicks than the others.

  • A good headline must be able to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Good headline should include a Call To Action for your user.
  • A good headline must be able to entice your audience.
  • Good headline should contain the target keywords.
  • A good headline triggers an emotional response (joy, surprise, shock, curiosity, fear, excitement, greed, and so on).

Blog post Headlines that will grab the audience’s attention and increase your blog traffic.

30 headlines that have done very well and are still doing well! Enjoy!


  1. ________ Ways To Do ______While _________
  2. ________ Ways To Increase Your ______With ______
  3. ________ Habits That Will Make You ________
  4. ________ Changes To Make To Set You Up For __________
  5. ________ Tips For Creating The __________
  6. _______ Ways To Conquer ________
  7. _______ Ways to Sharpen Your ______ Skills
  8. _______ Mistakes I Made When ________
  9. _______ Things The Experts Do Every Day
  10. _______ Weird Habits that ______ People Have


  1. How To Turn _____ Into ______ Every Single Time
  2. How To Get Rid of __________ Forever
  3. How To ________ Like a Boss
  4. How I Almost Got ___________ For __________
  5. How To Frugally __________
  6. How I Made ________ With __________
  7. How I Went From ________ to in __________ Days
  8. How To Make Your __________ Look More ___________
  9. How To Start a ____________
  10. How To Get Your _________ to _____________


  1. The Ultimate Guide To ____________
  2. Beginners Guide To __________
  3. The Best DIY: _____________
  4. Quick Guide On ___________
  5. A Complete Tutorial on ____________
  6. Step by Step Guide to ________
  7. An In-Depth Guide To ___________
  8. Cheat Sheet For _________
  9. The Best Free Ebook Ever on ___________
  10. The Essential Guide To __________
These are 30 headlines that have done very well and are still doing well! Enjoy! Click To Tweet

These are headlines that rank well in the past and are still ranking.

Write your headline following these methods, don’t copy your competitor’s headline, instead use it as an inspiration to write yours. It will help you rank better in google, and it will increase your blog traffic.

  1. Write Post That People Are in Need Of.

While beginning writing your blog post, it might be tempting at times to write what inspire you, or what gives you joy. But please don’t do that, there is no future in it, what it does is that it just boom then all of a sudden it fades away.

Such articles are trends and news, they will be outdated anytime, (may in a month interval). But rather, write evergreen content, content that is useful any year, any month, any time, any day. Those are content that does well and ranks higher.

When writing, let your content be helpful – let it be directly to your people – and let it be an in-depth content that they will read and share.

The reason why people will always come back to your blog is that they find something that is of help and value tho them. Not because of the layout of your blog or how often you write. Click To Tweet

Make sure you know the people you are writing for. And have this in mind whenever you write a post, remember that you are writing it to help them, regardless of the topic you are writing on.

  1. Do SEO Keyword Research

Whenever you want to write a post, make sure you do your keyword research first if you want to rank on Google, you need to know what keyword you want to rank for.

And this will give you more understanding of what you are writing on. and it will help you know which keyword performs better than the others.

Keyword research will also give you more content ideas, and long-tail keyword to use on your site.

For example, I want my article to rank on Google first page on this keyword, “On-Page SEO”, the first step I took:

Step #1 – I search that keyword (On-Page SEO) on SEMRush

This image is about how how to Increase Your Blog Traffic, do SEO keyword Research

Take a look at the result, what do you notice? Once you look at the organic search at the left top corner, circled in red, you will notice that the volume of that keyword “On-page SEO” is 1.9K, the number of search results is 566Million that means there are 566 million answers to this when you search for “On-page SEO”.

Look at the keyword suggestion, 1,556 and look at the average keyword difficulty 65.62%. So that means it will be difficult to rank that keyword on google’s first page.

These are the top pages ranking for that keyword.

This image is about how to Increase Your Blog Traffic, do SEO keyword Research

So what do we do to rank for On-page SEO?

Type that keyword on Google and look at the search related to On-page SEO, at the bottom of the search result. That means people also search for the keyword related to On-page SEO, like “On-page SEO steps”

This image is about how how to Increase Your Blog Traffic. 1, write quality and indepth content

Again, I use my advance SEO keyword tools to check on all those search related keywords by google, to know the keyword difficulty.

Step #2 – I search the related keyword (on page SEO steps) on SEMRush

Now take a look at the keyword overview, you will notice a difference. At the top left corner in the organic search, you will see the volume of the keyword that is 10. What this means is that the number of searches this particular keyword has during a month. The average keyword difficulty is 58.95%. The higher the number, the harder it is to rank.

Now I want we should take note of something here, that is the PHRASE MATCH KEYWORD.

The phrase match keyword has 10 suggestion, this is the longtail keyword. This keyword can be easily rank. So I choose the second one, “how to do on-page SEO step by step”.

This is the keyword overview of how to do on-page SEO step by step using a free tool called Ubersuggest

SEO difficulty is 27, which means it is easy to rank for this keyword.

The Seo tools I use for these is SEMRush (paid tool) there are other free tools I use and also recommend – Ubersuggest (free SEO tools). Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Petal, free and advanced SEO tools to use.

Always Post Often

  • The more times you post, the more chances there are for search engines to find and rank you, and the more opportunities you give your readers to share your content.
  • But don’t let the increase in a frequency decrease your quality. If you have to choose, always post quality over quantity. 
  1. Increase The Traffic of Your Blog With On-page SEO

What is On-Page SEO? – On-page Seo, (short name for On the Page Search Engine Optimization), as the name implies, it is the process of working directly on the page content in other to improve it for search engines and make it rank better.

These include the title tags, meta description, content, internal links, and URLs.

this image is about how to increase your blog traffic with on page seo

There’s more to on-page SEO than cramming keywords into your page’s HTML.

To rank your content in 2020, you also need to optimize your content for:

Read more about On-Page SEO by Backlinko

2. Guest Post On Other Blog to Increase Your Blog traffic

For new bloggers that are just started blogging, guest posting is the best way to increase your blog traffic, because it will help you build quality backlinks and increase your blog reputation.

As a new blogger, you are not getting the views you are supposed to get, maybe you are getting a minimum of 100 pageviews in a day, move into guest posting.

These visitors you are looking for are somewhere else. Why not reach out to those places and tap some traffic?

Before Requesting For a Guest Post,

  1. Research – Find those top bloggers in your niche.
  2. Build Relationship – Once you’ve got a reasonable amount of them, now is the time to build a relationship. Reach out to them through their blog, (by commenting) follow them on their social media and subscribe to their newsletter.
  3. Contact them – Create a round-up post. A round-up post is an interview, it can either be individually or it can be a short interview, all on the same post. Reach out to them through emails and ask them the same subject question, the response you got from those experts is what will form your round-up post.
  4. Write Your Round-up Post – After you have gotten some reasonable response from those experts, you will now convert it into an interview post. You can write a post on each expert individually, or you can sum up everything together and make it one post.
  5. Reach out to them – After you are done with your round-up post, reach out to those experts and inform them that the post is ready. Show your appreciation to them, they will be happy and share it with their audience.
  6. Promote Your Round-up Post
  7. Repeat The Process – Repeat the process over and over again, until you’ve got a big list of top bloggers in your niche, then you ask for a guest post.

The above methods are just to build relationships with those top bloggers so that you won’t just request for a guest post. As a new blogger, without building a relationship, you will always be rejected. So that is why you need to build a relationship first.

Preparing For Your Guest Post.

After building a relationship and creating a round-up post, by now I believe you should have a number of experts in your niche, let’s say maybe 30+ that have contributed to your round-up post. Then request to guest post on those expert blogs. They will accept you, cause they know you.

Remember as a new blogger, your sole purpose of guest posting is to have a relevant backlink that will make you rank and will increase your Domain Authority (DA)

Simple Guide For Guest Posting

Before doing your guest posting, create a table, the first column is the blogger name, blog URL, email address, and Domain Authority, like the Image blow.

this image is about how to increase your blog traffic with guest posting

Do not border contacting those bloggers with Domain Authority lower than 30, as our mission here is to get a backlink from high DA blog so that we can rank well in google and increase the DA of our blog.

Go to Open Site Explorer and type in the domain name of each of the blogs in your table. Open Site Explorer will show you the Domain Authority (DA), input them in your table.

this image is about how to increase your blog traffic with guest posting

After getting those expert bloggers with high DA you want to guest post for, crawl each blog and look out for their most popular post or trending post.

Study how it is been written, the topic, the headlines, the introduction of the post, and how many words count.

Then check out what kind of post it is maybe it is a list post or how to post that is the most popular, then write your guest around it, don’t forget to follow the steps I listed above in writing a quality post.

Reach out to those top bloggers

After finish wrapping up your quality post, it’s time to reach out to those bloggers. This shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore as you have already build a relationship with them and they know you.

Here’s my email format that I use

Hi {Blogger Name},

I really appreciate your effort and time you put in my recent round-up post, and I am very grateful.

I just visited your blog today and I was wondering if you accept guest posts?

If you do, I have three ideas for a guest post that I would love to submit.

Thanks for your time.

Post Idea #1

Attractive Headline: [Your Title]

Post Intro: [Your Intro – about 150 words]

Word Count: 1,500 – 2000

Post Idea #2

Attractive Headline: [Your Title]

Intro: [Your Intro – about 150 words]

Word Count: 2,000 – 2500

Post Idea #3

Attractive Headline: [Your Title]

Intro: [Your Intro – about 150 words]

Word Count: 2500 – 3000

If any of them are okay for your blog, I can send you a draft within a week.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Deliver Your Guest Post

Start working on your guest post immediately your guest post ideas have been accepted, and make sure you deliver it at the promised time and include one or two backlinks that will send back traffic to your site, that is if the blogger accepts backlinks. But always make sure to check their guidelines.

Most bloggers will give you options on how you should deliver your post, some will give you login details so that you can log in and format your post by your self, while so will ask you to send it in their email.

If you are sending it through email, always wrap everything in a zip folder including the images and sent them.

this image is about how to increase your blog traffic with guest posting

Don’t forget to add the author’s bio at the end of your email, as this is the most important part of your guest post. It’s what converts your guest post from a valuable resource filled with useful tips into a list-building tool, a branding mechanism and a booster for your Domain Authority.

3. Increase Your Blog Traffic By Being Part Of The Bloggers Community

Another considerable way to increase your blog traffic and make money. The community is all about helping others and get help back in return, mostly at this time that everybody needs traffic.

How to become relevant in the blogger’s community.

Leave Comment – Leave enticing and informative comment comments on others’ posts. This will complement the blogger and will increase the likelihood of a reader clicking through to see your blog.

Increase Your Blog Traffic By Being Part Of The Bloggers Community

Share their post – By doing these, you are building your reputation in the blogger’s community. People will see you as someone that is helpful, and this will increase your followers. Share the post, either from new bloggers or top bloggers. Let them know through Twitter (or another social media platform) that you loved their recent article and send them a quick compliment. Most of the time they will retweet/reshare it and it will show up on their feed. That puts your name in front of all their followers, and this will increase your blog traffic in a big way.

Be a Friend – Your followers will increase if you’re nice and genuine and kind. Even if it is just that one person, that is one more follower for your blog. That one person could share the story of how genuine you are and bring you, additional followers. If you’re a friend to someone, they have a much higher tendency to link back to your blog on their website. These backlinks increase traffic to your blog and your rankings in SEO.

4. Build Your Email List to Increase Your Blog Traffic Immediately.

Social platforms like Facebook and the rest will purposely limit your reach (the average organic reach on facebook is 1-6%). So building your own email list will increase your blog traffic X100, and it will be the most valuable… Click To Tweet

Building an email list is not really hard, with plugins like SumoMe and Convertkit

Install SumoMe plugin and set it up with the subscription pop up box of your choice. Goto Convertkit and sign up there, then create a list.

The only a visitor will give their email address if you have something of value to offer them. Give out freebies to your visitors and provide value to the. If you offer something valuable to your visitors for free, they will be happy, your list will increase, and this will also increase your blog traffic.

How to increase your blog traffic with your email list

  • Weekly Roundup: Email a weekly roundup of best tips to your subscribers.
  • Exclusivity: Email them an exclusive post that you have not published on your blog. Make them feel special.
  • Call to Action: Always have a Call to Action to let the reader know what to do. Ask them to share your article on social media, this, in turn, will bring more visitors and potential subscribers to your blog. And the beautiful circle of building your blog continues!
  • Consistency: The growth will be slow at first, but grow exponentially if you keep up this consistency and rhythm.

As soon as you’ve some subscribers in your list, every time you write a new post, email your list subscribers telling them about your new post. Here is the email template to use:

Subject: Title of your blog post


I just wanted to share with you the latest [Insert your blog name – and make this a link to your post] blog post. Let me know what you think.

[Insert the title of your blog post – and make this a link to your blog post] [Insert the first paragraph from your blog post] [Insert the second paragraph from your blog post] Click to continue [make the “click to continue a link]

[Insert your name].

P.S. [Add a promotional message here]

Your email should look like this one.


I just wanted to share with you the latest post on super success tips. Let me know what you think.

How to Start a Blog And Make Money With in 2020 | The Free And Complete Guide To Starting a Blog

You’ve heard of social media calendars before, but do you know what they are and how to use one?

Chances are you don’t. And that’s okay… I didn’t either when I entered the realm of social media marketing. But once I learned about it and how to use it, it change how I marketed my businesses on the social web. [click to continue]

Solomon Abraham

P.S. If you want to see how to increase your blog trafffic, go here

All of the tips above are ways to increase your blog traffic. I just want to discuss how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest separately.

5. How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using The Power of Pinterest.

I know what you are asking,

Why Pinterest among other social platforms out there why?

There are lots of social media networks to promote your blog on, but when starting out as a new blogger, the easiest and the fastest way to increase your blog traffic is to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is an image search engine site where people search for new and creative ideas.

Bloggers and business owners, can open a business account and promote their blog posts for free on the platform.

All you have to do is create eye-catching pins that link to your blog posts.

pinterest image

If you want to get traffic to your blog fast, and you are not familiar with the platform, I suggest you start to spend time on it and become a Pinterest lover straight away.

Once you have a few strong posts I suggest the following winning strategy with Pinterest as recommended.

  • Create 5-10 pillar posts
  • Create 10 board and include one board exclusively for all of your own pins. This will be your ‘Best of’ board.
  • Join multiple group boards. (Organize your process and keep a log of all the boards you apply)
  • Sign up for an automation service to help you pin. I use Tailwind and love it.
  • Create 1-2 pins for each blog post so that you have more to share and can A/B test.
  • Test different pin images and posts to generate more affiliate income and eventually turn that into passive income.
  • Pin your own posts to group boards. 1 pin a day to each group board you contribute to. Then fill the rest of your queue with posts from other bloggers and pin those to your own boards (except your Best Of board).

6. Write A Series Post, Once Per Week.

This is a special method for engaging your audience to your content. This method will always make them come back to your blog. These square measure a series of articles on a selected topic. You may offer it once per week giving readers every week to discuss it, then have them hanging on for next week’s special post within the series. Anytime add links to previous posts there in series.

7. Optimize Your Website Speed to Load Your Pages Faster

Above all that has been said, if a website is taking time to load, I know you will not be happy so therefore you will leave the site even before it loads. Yes, likewise, I will do the same. So that is why your website/blog needs to load faster, mostly at this time that everyone needs traffic.

Search engines like Google also consider website speed and page load time as one of the important ranking factors.

In other to make your website/blog load faster, you need to optimize your WordPress performance. This means you need to use caching, and optimizing your images. W3 Total Cache and Smush is the best toots to use.

Supers success tips

In Conclusion

Now you’ve learned how to increase your blog traffic in 2020.

There are lots of blogs out there focusing on the same niche and discussing similar topics. But how are you going to stand out among them and succeed?

The one that will differentiate you and set you up for success is who you are. Your personality will speak to you.

In each of your posts, try as much as you can to connect personally with your readers.

Starting a post with a short story will get your reader’s hearts, and if you are more friendly to them, they will get connected to you.

  • Create curiosity by posting about mistakes or secrets or asking a question. The post with ‘mistake’ titles always get more click!
  • Try out a headline such as “10 Advice From a Pro on How to Reduce Stress, I use #3 every single.day.” The curiosity of #3 draws people into the post.

Use curiosity in your titles, in your signups and in the opening of your posts. Get people interested, and then wow them with your awesome content and personality. Remember, always be unique.

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If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible.

What traffic strategies are you using or do you want to use in 2020? Let us know in the comments below

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