How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Ultimate Guide

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money
How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money
How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money
How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money
How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Ultimate guide. Fashion is in vogue now, the world is crazy about it, fashion here, fashion there, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, everywhere.

Starting a fashion blog and make money – is not as hard as it may seem, these step by step guide for beginners will show you that it doesn’t take much to start a blog.

However, if you are a fashion freak, then this article is for you. The sole aim of this article is to teach you how to start a fashion blog and make money from it.

So, let’s get started

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

Why You Should Start a Fashion Blog

  • Because You Are Passionate about fashion and lifestyle – that is, you love anything related to fashion; you are a fashion designer; you can dress to kill; people always compliment you about your captivating and lovely fashion and lifestyle sense, then that is one reason why you should start a fashion blog.
  • You will be very famous and rich- They are everywhere. I mean the rich and famous fashion bloggers you see on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, having over 1.9M followers and likes with over 5M subscribers on YouTube.

    Starting a fashion blog can actually make you earn 6-figures passive income online.
  • You will be a celebrity- Start a fashion blog and become a celebrity. Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers will increase from hundreds, thousands to millions or billions( billions? How? Yes only if you apply the right fashion blogging strategies) your YouTube subscribers will also leap from hundred, thousands, millions and even billions. And these are real people that will be following, liking and even subscribing to you.

More Reasons To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

  • You will be free- Starting a fashion blog will give you a life of freedom. no more need to work hard for hours, sweating and having body pain, or you will not be required to wake up early to run to work so as to beat the traffic.

    You won’t have to prostrate for your boss again. Because you are now the boss. You dress and wear what you love, eat what you love, live where you love, and even drive the best cars you love, etc. You will have more time for your family and friends and travel to anywhere around the world you love.

In summary, you should start a fashion blog so as to achieve your dreams and enjoy your life. But you must first add value to the fashion world by integrating your wonderful fashion talent and passion.

And this can only happen by starting a fashion blog now.

Follow This Steps To Get Started.

  1. Choose a perfect niche that fits you
  2. Choose a Fantastic domain name according to your niche
  3. Select the best web hosting
  4. Setup your fashion blog
  5. Choose a captivating theme
  6. Installing your WordPress theme

Choose A Perfect Niche that Fits You

To start a fashion blog and make money, you need a niche. There are so many tempting niches scattered everywhere, but you just need to pick a niche that you are passionate about and you love most then deal and groom up that niche until it matures and starts feeding you with money and fame.

Check out these top 5 best fashion niches you can use for your fashion blog. Read the post carefully and choose your perfect niche.

Choose A Fantastic Domain Name According To Your Niche.

Picking a domain name is something you need to think over and over again until you fashion out the one that fits your niche. Don’t come up with names that are not related to your niche out all.

Follow these two rules to choose a befitting Domain name.

Short – Let your domain name be short, it will be easily remembered. This is what most fashion blog has in common. You don’t want your name to be forgotten, so keep it short, sweet and catchy. If you are a popular fashion designer, stylist, or a consultant, then you can attach your domain to your name.

Specific – Keep it specific to your niche. Let it be relevant to what you are blogging about so that your blog can be searchable.

The initial cost of a domain is $11.99 per year, and web hosting normally costs $7.99 per month, that is a huge amount of money.

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Step by step For beginners

But we know that as you just want to start a blog, you won’t have such amount, so, fortunately, we have partnered with BlueHost to make the offer cheap for our readers.

Happily, BlueHost has decided to beat down their price, offer free domain name, and free SSL to only our readers for the cost of $3.95 per month.

So that means you don’t need to purchase a domain name again, just buy your hosting for $3.95 per month and get a free domain name and free SSL with 30-days money-back guarantee. With BlueHost, it is now affordable to start a fashion blog

BlueHost has been recommended by WordPress

BlueHost has powered over 2Million websites online.

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Step by step For beginners
Start A Fashion Blog with wordpress

SetUp Your Fashion Blog

Now it’s time to set up our blog, I promise this is not going to be hard, you don’t need tech skills, just keep following as you are doing, then you will see that you have created a blog in 30minutes by following the below steps.

Step One

For how readers, get access to the exclusive offer from BlueHost, click this link to get your free domain name and hosting for a discounted price. After that click the “Get Started” button

Start A Fashion Blog with bluehost

Step Two

BlueHost has a different hosting plan and blogging option to select from, but I will strongly advise you to go for the Basic Plan, it has all the basic features you need for your fashion blog.

So when you get along with your blog and know how everything works, then you can upgrade to the premium plan as soon as you start getting huge traffic. This premium plan will give you unlimited services and standard performance, then it will increase your site speed to load fast.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Step Three

Do you remember what we discussed earlier about choosing a domain name? Let it be short, specific and catchy. If your domain name is already taken, don’t worry Bluehost will suggest another similar domain, just choose carefully.

Buy domain name from bluehost

Step Four

How To Start A Fashion Blog bluehost account info

Step Five

It’s time to make payment for your plan, there are 12, 24 or 36 months at a time, the more the month, the less you have to pay per month. The remaining boxes are not compulsory, they are just additional services, you can uncheck them since you won’t be needing them now.

Just agree to the Terms and Regulations, after that you will be redirected back to the homepage.

You will see the log-in form, enter your detail and select install WordPress.org extension.

Finally, you own a self-host WordPress blog. Customize your theme, or select from the thousands of WordPress theme. You can change the layout, design, and do whatever you want anytime.

Step Six

Next, you will receive a verification email to verify your account via the link that will be sent to you.

You create a password for your account.

Choose a strong password that will be hard for others to remember, but easy for you to memorize.

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Step by step For beginners
How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money – Step by step For beginners

Step Seven

Once your new password has been created, you can now use it to log in to your new account.

Step Eight

Now select your theme, and customize your theme to look perfect as you want it. At this point, you need to show how creative you are. You can either choose from those Bluehost themes or go to WordPress.org and choose your theme from their theme store.

Step Nine

After choosing your theme, you can now log in to your account to view the dashboard

Step Ten

After successfully login, you can start customizing your blog or contact BlueHost, so that they can support you on how to build a fashion blog.

Step Eleven

Click on the Bluehost icon at the top left to discover the customization tools. Play around and change whatever you think would be appropriate for your fashion blog theme.

Next, write a short and captivating intro for your fashion blog, you don’t really need to crack your head here, just say something that explains your blog in a fun way.

Once that is done, you have your website.

Congratulation, you just create your blog and it’s life and running.

Choose A Captivating Theme

Well done, you’ve now completed the most essential part of your blog, your fashion blog is now live, with all the technical part of it been taking care of.

So now this second part of it, choosing your perfect theme is all about you displaying your creativity here. Every successful fashion blog has a perfect theme that they follow.

So when choosing your theme, choose carefully as if you want to choose an outfit for an occasion. Start by browsing over 2,000 WordPress themes here. Or choose from the five perfect themes below for your fashion blog.


Blossom Feminine is an elegant and delicate WordPress theme for ladies, it also fits well for a lifestyle blog. Apart from its classic design and clean look, you can integrate your Instagram post in just a few clicks away. There are also lots of customization options available, so don’t be scared to play around and show your creativity. Download it here


Feminine is not only known for its SEO friendly and lightweight features but is very easy to customize as well.

Moreover, it is well designed to suit a fashion blog, the layout and how the image is been displayed in a prominent way through the homepage to attract viewers.

You can also display social icons at the top of the website. Download it here.


Cenote comes with a beautiful design, a post slider that showcases your best work in style, and four widget areas.

The theme allows you to display social media icons near the header, this makes your fans to easily follow you on your social media.

It also enables you to use attention-grabbing images and very easy to setup. Download it here.


Are you looking for a bold design? Then the Oblique theme is for you, it gives your viewers a great first-time impression. The theme features a parallax header image, and it is easy to customize, with Oblique theme, you can’t go wrong. It has a dynamic menu that will catch your viewers attention. Download it here.


If you want to keep everything simple but yet catchy, then Writee theme is best for you. It has a related Post function, which makes your viewers spend more time on your site. It is flexible and beautiful, with a social media navigation menu and beautiful photo galleries. Download it here.

If those themes are not up to your taste, you can buy from a third-party site that sells themes.

Not Just Anyhow Theme, Go for What You Want.

It’s always good to spend some buck on a theme, to get a better result. Premium themes generally come with extra features and better support.

It is best to go for a premium theme from the very beginning, it makes it easy for you to set up things once and for all, and look professional right from day one.

Here are our best picks for some top-notch premium themes.

Grateful – For a great look, clutter free, classy and simple wordpress theme, then Grateful is for you, you can’t go wrong with it. It has an author description box, a latest twitter tweet widget, and more.

Amory – Armory comes with endless customization options, gorgeously designed, crafted to help your content pop, and the theme features huge images and stylish typography.

Glossy – this stylish WordPress theme offers seven layouts and endless possibilities when it comes to adding affiliate links. Trust us, this will come in handy later on.

Look – Look is a stunning theme, with a drag and drop page builder features, so you can have your site up and running quickly and efficiently.

Marilyn – this theme includes with a featured slider, a newsletter signup form, and ready-to-go promo boxes. In short, everything you need to get started. It’s also great to look at.

Choosing a theme is as important as choosing an outfit for your occasion, you need to choose carefully. So regardless of what theme you choose, you need to put these things into consideration.

Easy to customize – since you are just starting new with WordPress, it is good for you to choose a theme that will be easy for you to customize.

Responsive design – always remember to check on the description, to see if the theme is responsive.

Striking design and layout – Look at the design and layout, if it matches your personal style.

Beautiful photo galleries – so that your images stand out. Also on the dropdowns to columns to visual slideshows to previews.

Installing Your WordPress Theme

Once you’ve got your theme, the process of learning how to start a fashion blog and make money just get better!

Access your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance → Themes

WordPress Settings - Themes

Next click on Add New.

WordPress Settings - Add New Theme

Now you can browse through the themes and see if you love any of them. Otherwise, click Upload Theme if you have already purchased one.

WordPress Settings - Upload Theme

Select Choose File, and select the theme that you purchase, make sure your theme is in a Zip format. Once you select your theme, click on Install Now.

WordPress Settings - Install Theme

Once your theme as been successfully installed, you can preview your theme to make sure that everything is okay.

WordPress Settings - Theme Preview

Finally, Activate your new theme, and that’s all. You can do so from the Live Preview screen or from the Themes section in your dashboard.

WordPress Settings - Activate Theme

You can customize your theme by accessing the Customize section under Themes in your WordPress dashboard. Customizing a theme is not hard, just read through the documentation.

Necessary Plugins For Your Fashion Blog and Their Functionalities

Plugins are software that is designed for the sake of adding more features to your site or extend its functionality. Generally, a site is not complete without the use of some plugins.

Some Plugins are free, some offer an upgrade to a premium version, while some completely a paid version.

To install a plugin, go to your dashboard and select Plugin, then Add New. You can either browse through plugins or upload yours if you get it elsewhere.

One easiest way to install a plugin is to search for it. Once you’ve seen the one you’re looking for, click Install Now, then Activate.

The Plugins listed below will transform your blog into a complete fashion blog.

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Since you are running a fashion blog, you will need Pinterest, because it will be one of your major source for traffic.

So this Pinterest plugin will automatically put the Pin it button to your images, which makes it easy for your readers to pin the image they like, and it will be useful for your marketing strategy.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Slider

This will display your Instagram post from your Instagram account to your blog. Instagram is great for fashion and clothing.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Compress Images

Running a fashion blog will require high images on your end, and this might slow down your site. So with this plugin, you can compress your images without losing the quality, so that your site will load fast.


Wordpress backup plugin updraft

This plugin helps you backup your entire site content to the cloud so that it can be safe. This prevents you from losing all your content.

Yoast SEO

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

This plugin is not an option, it is a must-have plugin that cares of all the SEO aspect of your site. It optimizes your site for it to get visitors from search and social media.

For example, if you search for how to start a fashion blog and make money, this content will come up in search because it has been optimized.


add to any, wordpress share bottun

This plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons to your posts so that visitors can be able to share an article with ease.



This plugin is very effective in creating a call to action, managing user’s offers and collecting your reader’s email addresses.


How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

Spam has always been one major problem of all websites, as you lunch your site, people will start spamming your site through a comment. This plugin will make you keep your site clean from spam.

WooCommerce (optional)

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

If you plan on selling products on your site, then you should consider installing this plugin. I allow you to sell a physical product, like fashion design or a digital product like fashion and style guide via your website.

You can also install Grammarly on your site in other to check for grammatical errors, punctuation marks, miss-spelling words and check for plagiarism, in other to avoid duplicate content on your site.

Basic SEO Settings For Your Fashion Blog

This second section of how to start a fashion blog and make money is strickly about SEO, Content, Promoting your Fashion Blog, and How to make money with your fashion blog. Let’s Go!

SEO, which simply means Search Engine Optimization, is a way of optimizing your website to ensure that it is more visible.

Those popular blogs get almost all their traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Marketers use SEO, to optimize their website so it can rank higher.

SEO is a process, it takes time. So please don’t think that if you implement these settings, your site will be ranking on google immediately, No. There is no trick to make for the search engines to rank you higher.

Check visibility settings

To do so, access your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings → Reading. Then, scroll down to the Search Engine Visibility section.

Once you’re there, make sure that ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked. If you need to uncheck it, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button for the change to take effect.

WordPress Settings - Reading

Let your URL structure be SEO friendly

Your URLs should not look like this → http://yourblog.com/archives/37645-0 or this → http://yourblog.com/?p=37645.

Your URLs should include shows the title of the post or page, and it should be easy to read. It should look like this → http://yourblog.com/your-post-title.

To set your blog’s permalink structure, go to your dashboard and select Settings → Permalinks. Then select the Post Name option and hit Save Changes.

WordPress Settings - Permalinks

Great! You’re ready to add some good content to your fashion blog.

Creating Content For Your Fashion Blog

Thank goodness, all the basics settings has been putting in place, now we can finally concentrate on creating content for our fashion blog, which is the important aspect of blogging.

Content, they say is king. But this word has gone just beyond word of mouth, it has been proven as fact.

You can have the best-designed website that is well optimized in the whole world. But the fact still remains that if there is no valuable content in it, the site goes nowhere.

So the best way to come up with content you want to present to your readers is to first decide on a niche. (A niche, in simple definition, is “Your Area of Specialization.”)

A niche is something you want to talk about in your blog all day, without being bored. How do you decide your niche? Just sit down, take a sheet of paper and brainstorm those things you are passionate about, do things you love doing.

Those things you can’t just do a day without talking about it. Those things that others came to you to help them with.

If you could remember when you read why you should start a fashion blog?

I said “Because you are crazy about fashion. Maybe you always pick a perfect dress for every event, and your friends always come to you to help them with that.”

That is how you can discover your area of specialization.

For example, you love fashion, and you choose fashion as your niche. But the truth is that fashion has been over-polluted.

You have to narrow down that fashion niche and come up with something related to fashion like
“Men’s fashion – Men clothing, Shoes, Wrist-Watch for Men, Men’s’ look Stylish and so on”,
“Women’s Fashion – Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags, Woman Hair, Make-up and Make-over, Head Ties, and so on.”
“Being fashionable on a budget”
“All About Fashion Accessories”
“Shopping Guides”
“Designers – New collections, Reviews, etc.”
“DIY projects”
“Celebrity Fashion”

The list continues. As you can see, fashion is a very wide topic, so your creativity will make you stand out. You can focus on a niche, or you can mix things up in a way that will correspond.

Writing content is hard work, but the more you keep writing, the easier it becomes, so a lot of practice is required here. For a start, writing regularly might be hard, so I advise you to take it slow.

The main purpose of this article is to guide you on how to start a fashion blog and make money, so that is why we take everything down here in details. Please enjoy the information.

Post popular content about fashion that is trending

Popular content that is already trending goes viral, do your research on what is trending on Instagram that is relevant to your topic. What topics are people posting about? What hashtags are they using?

Then post content about that trending topic, and use some of the popular hashtags as your tags in the post. There are lots of popular hashtag trends to consider.

Post about celebrity and their styles

Celebrities are a role model for lots of people now. Every girl and women want to be and look like them, they just want to dress like them. And they look up to you fashion bloggers for advice.

Post frequently

Don’t be scared, I am are not saying that you should be posting every day, that will be too much work for you.

I publish new content on Tuesdays, rested on Wednesdays for some hours, then I make research for new content for some hours, then I started writing that same Wednesday/Thursday. So I publish another new post on Friday.

I post new content on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Mondays. It keeps going through that chain. I post on an average of two to three times in a week, depending on my editorial calendar.

What works for me might not work for you, just look for what’s best for you. But make sure to keep your readers updated. Once they know when you publish new content, they will always come back on those days.

Use catchy and share-able headlines

Great headlines are powerful. They force the visitors to click on your article and share it with their friends. So try to make your headline catchy. If you haven’t perfected your headline writing ability, try as possible to do so.

Here are some quick tips for a good headline.

  1. Let your headline promise to teach something to your audience. E.g “A beginner’s guide to changing your wardrobe”.
  2. Let your headline contain a number of things to do. E.g 10 creative ways to turn how cloth to new ones.
  3. Let your headline be short and sweet. It will be easy for them to remember.
  4. Use compelling adjectives. E.g 10 proven ways’ sounds way better than ‘10 ways’, agree?

Post DIY projects

DIY projects are making waves now, women love to do things by themself, they love being creative, so teach them how.

Let your content be 100% original

Originality is what matters most. Don’t make the mistake of copying what other bloggers are doing, get inspiration from them, and bring something to the table.

Post more videos

Post video content, they are getting very popular in the fashion field. People love watching videos, so you can create a video or a slideshow of your best outfits, “Wear with me”.

You can also make a video of yourself preparing for an event or work. From choosing the best outfit for the event to you wearing it, and how it looks on you. Just be creative.

The rate at which people view videos on Instagram has increased to over 150%. While on Youtube, a video might have up to 2million views. This means that you should also create videos too.

How To Get Traffic To Your Fashion Blog

To start a fashion blog and make money, you need to promote your fashion blog in other for it to get more traffic.

Show how do you promote your blog in other for it to get more traffic? There are many ways to get traffic for your blog which are through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, And Link Building. Let’s discuss this a bit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine will bring traffic to your site from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And for most websites, it is the largest and the No.1 source for consistent traffic on the internet.

For example, you have a post on your blog about “What to wear on a first date”. So the search engine finds it and indexes it.

Whenever someone searches for that post “What to wear on a first date” in Google or Bing, if your post is well optimized for search engines, Google will show up your post in the search result, and visitors will click on it and land on your site.

The search engine gives you plenty of free traffic

How to Get started?

  • Learn the basics of SEO
  • Practice how to use keywords on your website
  • Write a good information post about a fashion topic that people are searching for.
  • Learn how to use SEO plugin, and Google Search Console.
  • Study how to write catchy and powerful post titles.
  • Be consistent.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is the easiest and quickest method to get traffic for your fashion blog. This method brings visitors to your fashion blog from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin.

So once you just share a post on those social media, people will see it, click it and visit your blog. This means of getting traffic is not consistent.

How To Get Started?

  • Make sure you have variety in your posts. Mix and match clothing reviews, how-to articles, everyday fashion pictures, and other types of content.
  • Find a way to stand out from others. Let your styles and content be shareable and easy to remember, and be different.
  • Work with a few social networks, but make Instagram and Pinterest your focus for your fashion blog.
  • Study how Pinterest work, take your time to set up your boards and find ways you can stand out with unique.
  • Create some time to help other people or pages in the fashion industry on your target social network.

See our guide on how to get repeat visitors to your website.

Now, How To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money

Okay, now you have an audience, its time to start making money from them.

There are plenty of ways to which fashion bloggers make money through their fashion blogs.

There are lots of ways to which you can make money from your fashion blog, but it depends on what you offer.

You can start making money immediately, or you can be patient a little till you have enough audience, then contact partners for promotions or shoutouts.

So, no matter which way, have listed up some best and quick way to start making money from your blog.

Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Through Google Adsense

You will agree with me that almost every website that you will see on the internet today has Google Adsense on them. Yes, most website depends fully on Google Adsense for their source of income.

Google Adsense allows you to easily display adverts on your blog, and make money whenever your audience clicks on the advert on your blog.

For you to make a good sum of money from Google Adsense, you will need plenty of traffic, because traffic equals money. The more people click on the advert, the more money you make. So, get more people to click on your Google Adsense.

Check this guide by Wp Beginner on how to add Google Adsense directly to your WordPress site.

Also note that as soon as you start gaining lots of traffic to your blog, you can sell an advert space directly from your website to others, and take all the money.

Don’t start a fashion blog and making money by bombarding your site with too many adverts, it will send your audience away, as they will not be comfortable again.

Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

You can start a fashion blog and make money from it by promoting other people’s goods or services, and get paid for it. This method is called affiliate marketing.

Making money through affiliate marketing is very easy for you since you are in a fashion niche. All you have to do is find a product relating to fashion, and promote it on your fashion blog to your audience.

Amazon affiliates have been one of the biggest affiliate partners a fashion blogger can sign up with.

They have hundreds to thousands of fashion products you can recommend and get paid, ranging from clothing to accessories.

Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Through Brand Promotions

How To Start A Fashion Blog and Make Money

Now another way to make money with your fashion blog is to promote a brand and partner with them.

Just put your eyes on the companies that are doing blog promotion, and reach out to them. The best way to this is to follow those top fashion bloggers on their Instagram page and see what brand they are promoting.

For more interesting ways to make money with your fashion blog, see our guides on proven ways to make money with your blog.

Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money By Selling Your Own Services

This path is the easiest path to take to begin making money with your fashion blog since all that you need is just creating a package of services that is in line with your fashion blog.

This might be a fashion consultation session, or a workshop to teach your readers on how to dress to impress, or teaching them how to be a personal stylist.

Whichever way you choose, just use your blog to create a service page, where you can collect their contact form / email-address, then start directing your readers to your service page, generate lead.

Finally On How To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money

Yes, so that is how to start a fashion blog and make money with it. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from this article, but there are still more things that you will learn as you continue the process, so keep testing, optimizing and implementing.

There’s no better way to master what you’ve learned until you put it into practice.

So start your own fashion blog now and put to practices what you’ve learned.

Get your free domain name from Bluehost and hosting for just $3.95 now before the price goes up.

Install and configure WordPress, then create a marketing plan with specific channels and specific goals. See an example marketing plan here.

Checkout other different ways to make money with your blog.

Start now, make money and have fun.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Fashion Blog?

We know starting a fashion blog is expensive, but we know that as you just want to start, you won’t have that much, so, fortunately, we have partnered with BlueHost to make the offer cheap for our readers.

Happily, BlueHost has decided to beat down their price, offer free domain name, and free SSL to only our readers for the cost of $3.95 per month.

So that means you don’t need to purchase a domain name again, just buy your hosting for $3.95 per month and get a free domain name and free SSL with 30-days money-back guarantee. With BlueHost, it is now affordable to start a fashion blog.

You can start a free fashion blog on WordPress.com or Blogger. However, we highly advise you to invest a few dollars and start with a self-hosted WordPress blog so that you can start strong and professional from the very beginning.

I will like to hear about your experience in the comment section. Please feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all social media.


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