What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog

What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog?

What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog? Sometimes the reason why your blog might not be ranking is that Google sees your content as duplicate content and for that reason, they push your blog aside and let the original content rank and this affect your blog.

What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog

Dear content writer, do you know what these short cut keys mean Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V? or have you ever used it while making your content?

The general answer to this question is YES! Almost everybody has used these shortcut keys in one way or the other while creating content for their client or themselves.

It’s very quick and it makes work easier.

What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog?

Just like those shortcut keys, plagiarism is of no difference they mean the same thing. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V simple means copy and paste so is plagiarism. It simply means copying other people’s content and pasting it on your own site.

What is Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog

In fact, it is the most common practice these days. Duplicate content is what runs all over the internet these days. You just go to the internet, check on a particular post, highlight it and press the Ctrl+C and head over to their blog and hit the Ctrl+V button.

That is just how easy it is for some people to create content for their site. No more original content anymore. You might even be wondering why going through the stress of creating your own content when you can simply go to the internet and copy from someone that has written that same article in a better way?

Plagiarism Is Bad!

Copying someone’s content is bad, you might get into trouble doing that. The original owner of those content when through a lot of stress before they could get down those content and that is what you don’t want to pass through either.

So plagiarism is not a good practice, everyone hates it, even you, how will you feel when you see your content that you suffered before writing on another blog and the person is claiming to be the owner of the content, you won’t feel good. Google hates plagiarism, all search engines also hate it.

If you plagiarize someone’s content, you will be penalized by Google and you know what that means? Later in this post, I will discuss how plagiarism can affect your blogging journey and how it will affect your Google ranking. But before then, let’s see why people plagiarize.

Why Is Plagiarism Common With Bloggers?

Don’t quote me wrong, I am not saying that all bloggers do copy other people’s content, but it is common for some. and the reasons why bloggers do copy from other bloggers is because:

  1. They Don’t Really Know The Topic They Are Writing About.
  2. They Can’t Do Research, to get more knowledge of what to write about.
  3. Laziness
  4. Not enough time
  5. Because they need traffic.

The list keeps going. It can be as many as you want, just to justify your weakness, but no matter what the excuss may be, it is never a good reason to take someone’s property.

Today bloggers will:

  • Steal content from someone and use it on their blog
  • Use someone else content without giving credit to the source
  • Claim and present the content as original after taking it from someone else or from another blog.

What Is Not Plagiarism?

With the way the internet is, information everywhere, there is no how you won’t fall into that practice, except you are an expert in your niche. But there is a way to use someone else content without plagiarizing it.

It’s good to do your research when writing to get full information about what you are writing to make sure that you are delivering in-depth information that will help your audience. So this is;

How To write Article That Will Not Be Seen As Plagiarism.

  1. Make Your Research -: When you want to write your content, go to the internet and make your research, because what you want to say has already been said before. This is how many people get it wrong. When making research, don’t just make your research on a single or two source.

    Read and study 10 articles on that particular topic you want to write about, and get to understand them very well, then you’ve gotten an idea from those 10 articles you read, then gather those ideas from those 10 posts and create your own unique article.
  2. Refer To Source -: If you come across content (image, article, videos) on the internet that relates to your content, there is nothing bad in placing it on your site so that your audience can learn from it. but don’t claim to be the original owner of the content, always refer to the source.
    Google loves it when you refer to a source, they will see your site as an information hub, linking to a different source for information, this will increase your ranking and build trust.
  3. Quote -: “If your site content found involved in plagiarism, then you will lose your search traffic as your SEO rank will be down. Google is so smart to find if your content is taken from any other sites or not.” – Eyeswift
    I just quoted that eyeswift.com content on my post, you see that right? That is the best way to add someone else content to your, quote their content and point out where you take it from.

Other Ways To write Article That Will Not Be Seen As Plagiarism.

  1. Paraphrase -: There are lots of free information out there, which is considered as common knowledge. But still, if you wish to use these free pieces of information on your blog, make sure you paraphrase it and rewrite it.
    Don’t just go ahead and put it on you say with the hope of saying well it a piece of free information. Google will see it as duplicate content and punish you for it.
  2. Hiring A Content Writer -:
  3. Check -: No I did not mean reading your content all over again or hiring someone to check it for you, that is proofreading. What I saying is check if there is no duplicate of that content. There are ways to know if your content passes the plagiarism test with the use of the tools listed below, or check Best Free Plagiarism Checker Websites For Bloggers, you can’t just do without these tools.

Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog?

  1. Plagiarism Will Affect Your Blog SEO
    Just like I have always been saying about google punishing you if it finds duplicate content on your blog. This is what it really does if google finds duplicate content on your site, it will look for a site that first publishes that content, then it will bring that site that first publishes the content up to a top page in search engine and skip yours.
    If Google keeps seeing duplicate content on your site, it will penalize your site and this will affect your traffic badly.
  2. The Original Content Owner Will Take Legal
    What you don’t know is if the rightful owner has copyright or DMCA protection for its content, so it is better to play safe and not get into any trouble.
    If the owner of the content finds it content on another blog, he/she may take legal actions against you, which results in a court case or you paying some Ransome or you may even get punished.

Free And Paid Tools To Check For Duplicate Content For Your Site

Unicheck – Free And Paid Version
Copyscape – Free And Paid Version
Plagiarism Checker – Paid Version
SearchEngineReports – Free Version
SmallSEOTools – Free Version

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My Final Thought About Plagiarism, How Will It Affect Your Blog

Information is spreading every day on the internet, so it seems as if plagiarism is normal. But plagiarism is illegal, and don’t be caught in its trap.

There is no excuss in doing it, research, research, and research before you write, if need be, make sure to give references to wherever you are taking the content from.

Make sure you use the plagiarism checker tools regularly.

Please let me know what you think about plagiarism, have you ever seen your content on another website, how do you react?

If you find this article helpful, please share, to reach more people, thanks.

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