Many parents object to the idea of their children running a business while they are in school because they don’t understand the benefit of doing such. 

This happen while I was still in school. There was this friend of mine back then when we are still student, his parent were both rich so they could render whatsoever he ask from them. He was living a luxurious life. He was living in his comfort zone. Well not to elaborate the issue, my friend lost his dad while he was still in school. So the pot was turn upside down hmm…, then my friend find it had to survive in school cause the support his mum was giving to him wasn’t enough. I could remember telling him to invest his money in a business then so that at least when we are out of college, he can have something doing on his own that could fetch him more money, before securing a job. But he refuses.
In life, what we can’t predict is the next hour. We can’t promise that our tomorrow will be good or bad. But there is only one thing we can do, which is to decide today how our tomorrow is gonna be.
Well I just cheap in that Sad story of a friend, just to pass a lesson to our readers and mostly, the student because i don’t want you to be a victim of such circumstances. 
There are many benefit you will derive when you successfully engage yourself in one or more business while you are in school. Some benefits are outlined in this post not all. They include:
  • CASH: Believe me or not, life is good when you have enough cash with you to buy whatsoever you which to. whit money, you are able to acquire basic needs of a student that will help you to come out better in your academics. Likewise, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so with cash in your wallet, you can also do some social activities like going to an eatery, going to a bar, partying, going after the girl of your dream etc. All this requires money of which you know very well that your parents can’t give you. Luxurious life is also sweet.
Those who normally criticize luxurious life are the poor ones. With case, you can afford to dress exotically, use costly gadgets and even cruise on your car to the admiration of girls and to the envy of guys. So doing business as a student will guarantee you of additional cash for miscellaneous expenses.

Come to think of it, is it bad to if you buy your own car as a student like other big boys do on campus? Definitely NO.

  •  RESPECT AND TRUST: Take it or leave it, but the truth still remains that student respect and admire their fellow students who legally make money on their own, rather than from their parents. You will only command such respect and admiration if you engage in a successful money making venture. Think of standing up in class to speak when everybody is noisy, and suddenly, everybody just calm down to hear;you are an Icon, you are their idol, they want to hear a word of wisdom from you. Imagine the pride and fulfillment you will have by this.

With good money, people will want to associate with you whether you are ugly or short, to either learn or eat from you.

Student who don’t like to do or engage in a business while they are studying because the still live under their COMFORT ZONE. (Allowances from parents) lets say WHAT IF ??? If their Comfort Zone was gone while they are still studying? How can they support themselves (Tuition fees, allowance, food and clothing etc.) I really admire this blog, at least it is an eye opener to realized by student who are fully dependent with their parents (Rich / Poor). They must get out of their comfort to become zone to become financially independent. to become to their parent independent. At least they will help their their parents in other way.

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